Q: What locations does Bon Appetina Catering serve?

Bon Appetina Catering serves the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas


Q: What types of food does Bon Appetina Catering specialize in?

My menu consists mostly of a variety of Gourmet Appetizers and Bite Sized Entrees. Which makes eating and mingling much easier for people while they are enjoying themselves at any event.


Q: Is your selection of food “Hearty”?

If your term Hearty refers to “is it filling”, then yes. Although most of the items on my menu are bite sized edibles, you will be pleasantly surprised just how “hearty” they are.


Q: Do you have a minimum order count?

Yes, because each piece has to be given special attention and time, my menu begins with trays that feed about 15-20 people.


Q: What is required when looking into hiring Bon Appetina for an event?

Every event is unique within itself depending on the needs of the host. The food can either be dropped off, or Bon Appetina and her staff can be hired to stay for the event and serve for additional fees. Depending on how much food is ordered and the party size, will depend how many people are needed to run the event.


Q: Are food warmers, punch bowls, trays and other equipment available through Bon Appetina?

Yes, for an additional fee, these items can be provided. If there is a need for a more finer dining experience, for example, plates, forks and so forth, I work with a reputable outside company that can provide those items.


Q: Do you cater large events such as weddings?

Typically we do not cater the main dishes of a wedding event, but I have been hired to provide the appetizer display before the main course is served.


Q: Do you serve Alcohol?

While I’m not licensed to provide alcohol, I can suggest a licensed bartender to accommodate your needs.


Q: Will you make an appetizer or other dishes outside of what is listed on your menu?

Depending on your desires, I do work with special requests.


Q: Is a deposit required when hiring Bon Appetina?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required 14 days prior to the event. If the event is cancelled within 7 days prior, the deposit will not be refunded.


Q: What additional fees are possible for an event?

Clients have 2 choices. 1.) I can drop the food off for the event, or 2.) I can stay, and if needed, additional staff will stay and work the event with me. The advantage of having us present at the event is that the family hosting the party can enjoy the party, and my staff and I will take care of the rest from beginning to end!

Additional fees are:

1. $25.00 delivery fee or more depending on the distance of the event
2. If I am hired to work at the event, there is a $30 fee per hour from the time of arrival until I leave
3. Each additional staff is $25.00 per hour
4. I will bring all of my supplies to display the food @ $75.00
5. Chaffing dishes are $10.00 each
6. 6% Sales Tax

Gratuity is not included but is accepted.


Q: Is Bon Appetina Catering ServSafe Certified and Fully Insured?



Q: Will we love Bon Appetina’s food?

Yes, yes and YES!